[Groop]Mailing List Subscribers! (where are you?)

Scott scott@knyght.net
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 11:27:19 -0600

I am in Dallas Texas and am newly job searching as an IT "Fray"

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Now isn't that a kicker. I'm not even listed in the first six months
worth of subscribers :(

I remember contacting Josh in November 1995 about Groo T-Shirts or some
other such thing. Must have forgotten to subscribe to the list then but
came back to it later on in about 1996 some time. Be interesting to find
out just when.

How many of the Groopers are Australian or at least live in Australia?
Stand up and be counted. Where are we all geographically? I'm on the
Gold Coast at Tweed Heads. I seem to remember that Denis was in Canberra
(but that may have been someone else).


Dieter :)#

E C wrote:

> The first six months of subscribers to the
> mailing list (in order):
> mfrenc10@scu.edu.au (Australia) - 10/5/95
> Denis Hackney (Australia) - 10/28/95
> Mark Lazarus (Australia) - 2/17/96
> sw14@uow.edu.au (Australia) - 2/26/96
> Brett Warburton (Australia) - 3/14/96

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