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Larry Steller mrgrooism at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 12:17:32 PDT 2003

This is mostly for Chet, but others out there may also
have frequented Scott Shaw!'s Oddball Comics Board in
the past.

The CBR finally upgraded their servers, so on the face
of it, things seem to be running more smoothly. There
used to be a problem with lag times due to heavy
traffic, but so far so good!

Anyway, Scott recently posted this thread, so I
thought I'd share it with the Groop in hopes of
reaching some of those mentioned!


COME BACK, SHANE! (And All The Rest Of You Vanished

Bartl was just "sighted" on a thread here, which
brings to mind...

Whatever happened to other regular Oddball Comics
posters such as...

Dr. Omega?
The Wrong Hero?
Southtown Economist?
Lizard Boy?

Others, like Mrgrooism, Capt. Chucky. Mark Evanier,
Tony Isabella, Compleat Comics, Zeb Oswalt, Jim
MacQuarrie, Rob Allen and Gary Brown, hardly ever seem
to post here any more. And Gail only drops by once in
a blue moon!

Plus, I'm sure I'm forgetting people. (No, not Jungle
Jim Engel; he already announced his regretful exit

I suppose there's such a thing as "turnover" on
Internet discussion boards, but I sure hope I haven't
done anything to drive anyone away from here. (That's
why I REALLY try to discourage over "hot button"
topics like religion, politics or sexuality here...and
if any of you who just CAN'T resist taking the mere
mention of these as "bait"...well, RESIST, dammit!)
Too many "crotch-centric" covers, perhaps?)

Now that these boards are faster and more reliable, I
hope that some of you return to the fold. Please,
those who are gone, silent, or longtime lurk, please
join the fun! You're all missed!



-Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller
Mendicant Second Class

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