[Groop]Oddball Comics, part TWO!

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Thu May 1 16:46:52 PDT 2003

Hi Folks!!

I'm still computerless and so am reduced to sending an occasional e-mail
from work and lately I have been too busy preparing to talk to municipal
finance officers about, among other things, sewage.  This seems very
appropriate for a Groo fan.  

Anywho, I am SOOOOOOO excited about the prospect of 12 months of Groo coming
in the not too distant future.  Can't wait!!!!!!

And Larry, with respect to your message below; isn't that why you call
yourself Mr. Grooism?  If you didn't do stuff like that we would get
worried!!  Take care all -
Gary "I get worried if I go two hours without thinking of Groo" Grossmann

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Oops! I should have included a link to Scott's website
on that last email!



I really AM as slow of mind as The Mendicant, I forgot
that I AM already linking to it in my signature,
below! In the sage words of E. Littela, "Never mind!"

-Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller
Mendicant Second Class

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