[Groop]Groo #81 Comments & Questions: Sword Handles

Vaughn H. Seward vaughn at sewardconsulting.com
Mon May 5 08:59:28 PDT 2003

*** WARNING ***

If you have not read Marvel Groo #81, you may not want to read this email 
any further.

*** WARNING ***

As I have mentioned I am slowly savoring my "complete" Groo collection for 
the first time. This week I have been reading Groo #81, "The Legend of 
Thaais, Part Two of Four" (Marvel).

You may have noticed that the handles on Groo's swords are the "same" but 
slightly different. I especially noticed it on page 13, in the middle left 
panel. There is a close up of Groo with his swords. The left sword (to our 
left) has a gold handle with a black criss-crossing wrap. The other sword 
is the opposite (black handle with gold wrapping).

Perhaps there is some ancient Japanese reason for this. Maybe it helps Groo 
keep track of what is left and what is right. I wonder if the Groo statues 
have retained this detail?

~Vaughn Seward
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