[Groop]Re: Groop Digest, Vol 3, Issue 5

Ruben Arellano rarellano at shaw.ca
Wed May 7 17:52:50 PDT 2003

Are you looking for just Groo stuff, or all works by Sergio Aragones? 
 Gary "What me Dessesbo?" Grossman can get you a fairly detailed listing 
of the Groo materials, or I can send you my Unofficial Sergiography 
which attempts to list all things by Sergio in general.  Be warned, it's 
a loooong list.  Maybe check your credit limit on your credit card 
before you confirm which list you want....


GROO91 at aol.com wrote:

>If possible could anyone make a list of works by sergio and divide it into 
>title, how many issues there were and companies it was created for.  I'm 
>tyring to finish my collection,  I'm really intrested in all the issues of 
>Groo there are and the different publishers.  Thanks alot! 
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