[Groop]I'm not Dead

Grossmann, Gary GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Tue May 13 17:22:33 PDT 2003

Hi Folks!

First off, Congrats Larry!!  I'm so happy to hear you have a job and that
its a better environment.  Single guys with little or no debt can handle
lower kopins for the sake of mental stability.  As for the rest of us....

Anywho, I have been feeling very discombobulated and out of touch with my
Groopie friends lately.  My computer woes continue as my computer keeps
coming up with new ways to confound my  computer vendor, who at least is
fixing things (or trying to) for no charge.  I myself have concluded that
the primary reason for the problems is the fact that I am a Groo fan, but I
decided not tell the computer folks that for fear they would give up, or
worse yet, start charging me.  

I have also had trouble keeping on top of important Groopie stuff (and even
what's on ebay!) because here at Washington Tax Central, things are a little
bonkers AND, more importantly, Son #2 has joined the ranks of College
Graduates (and the unemployed!)  

Hope all is well with everyone and I hope to be more back in the loop soon.
Take care all -Gary G.  (Isolated Groo Fan at-Large)

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