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> I get the same reaction in the non-comic con world.  Seems like whenever I 

------------------->I find different.  While my Groo shirts (20th ann., and  
Groop uniform) do routinely get comments, so too do a number of my others.  
My Phoney Bone, Frank Miller CBLDF, and Collect Call of Cthullu draw much 
attention.  My father-in-law's mind is boggled by my Exclamation Bolt 
t-shirt, as are many others.  My Punisher shirts draw either comment or 
sideways glances and furtive steps.  The rest of the collection will also 
from time to time get a comment.  Of course, my wife has a comment about each 
and every shirt (BWOE:"When'd you get THAT one?"), natch.

       My Groo shirts sre on the high end of the attention grabbers though.

       Sadly, the comments for all shirts tend to go something like "Geek, go 

       ; )


p.s.  Can you imagine the amount of comments you will draw when you don your 
brand new Groosagi shirt, now in development as support for the upcoming 

p.p.s.  In the circle of Groosagi...
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