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I go to cons around my area and I've been bringing my little brother since he 
was about 11 years old.  Sure, there are booths like that, but in order to 
see anything you usually have to be *trying* to, you know?  It's the same 
thing with people whining about censorship on TV or in magazines and such... 
if you don't like it, don't look.  The end.

> Those of you who are adults and who have attended a comicon might be 
> interested in a link on Mark's site.  It's a con report from a woman who 
> attended a con in Pittsburgh on behalf of a family values group that seems 
> to exist to be offended by things.  They apparently do not like the common 
> practice of having models and art featuring scantily clad women at cons, 
> and are especially offended by Make-A-Wish Foundation's association with 
> such "pornographic" events as cons.
> I think my email reply to them ran about three pages, but it was just too 
> absurd to not comment on.
> Janet 


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