[Groop] Witty?

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Sat Nov 29 10:24:21 PST 2003

Hi Folks!

Boy Eric, you get me all excited about a publication from 1987 with a Groo
cover; getting me to wonder how I could not have known about it before and
how am I going to get one and then I find this on the web site of the
magazine (See the text in the lower left hand corner of the page):


So it's not a magazine cover.  It's original art put on the cover of a
single magazine that was originally published blank and then auctioned off.
At least that's what I think it says. Too bad.  It's a cool drawing.

It would be interesting to see the one with Stan's drawing.  I'll bet Todd
Bushida has one.

Take care -Gary G.

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> Hi guys/grrls!
> This magazine might have a Groo on the
> cover.
> http://www.wittyworld.com/backissues/wwcover.aragones.html
> See you.
> Eric
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