[Groop] Cool News!

azamin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Sun Nov 30 08:30:05 PST 2003

Gary, make sure you ask Jon for permission to reproduce that CBA 
articles on Groo and Sergio in Groo web site.. (www.groo.com) so that 
those who cannot get their hand on that CBA to read it (maybe with 
pictures...) and plus...  it also can promote the CBA too....  anyway... 
congratulations Gary.....

> Gary Grossmann wrote:
>> Hi Folks!
>> Well, my cool news is that the June edition of Comic Book Artist is 
>> going to
>> be devoted to Sergio and a big chunk of it is going to be devoted to 
>> Groo.
>> What makes it particularly cool for me is that when the editor, Jon 
>> Cooke,
>> was talking to Mark about it, Mark suggested that I would be a good 
>> source
>> for Groo information.  (Thanks Mark!)
>> Jon contacted me and asked if I would like to help and I said sure 
>> thing!!
>> He has some very ambitious ideas and I will provide him with scans of 
>> rare
>> Groo covers and such, and maybe even an article on International Groos
>> (which, of course, Jon will need to edit the hell out of!)   So I'm 
>> pretty
>> excited.
>> So tell all your Sergio fan friends to save a few kopins for the June
>> (Summer?) edition of Comic Book Artist.  It should be a very, very cool
>> magazine!  Take care all -Gary G.

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