[Groop] 2 Groo homage sightings

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Fri Oct 17 08:03:17 PDT 2003

Big Bad Gary G, I don't remember if you keep track of non SA Groo sightings, 
but someone should.  Here are two recent and cool ones:

1)Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson and published by Top Shelf.  In the 
comic book convention scenes on of the convention goers is prominently displayed 
with a Groo t-shirt.

2)Smax #3 by Alan Moore and Zander Cannon and published by America's Best 
Comics.  Towards the front, as the main charcters walk through the village on the 
planet of mythic, um, proportions (a stretch, I know), he have a back shot of 
Groo as he walks in the opposite direction of the oncoming leads.  The 
artwork is done in a "realistic" style.  We know it is Groo by the two katana, 
orange tunic and, of course, nose.  Yes, I did say it was a back shot.

Anyhow, I highly recomend both books, especially BOP.

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