[Groop] Motion for Reinstatement of the Dessesbo

Larry Steller mrgrooism at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 22:51:53 PDT 2003

Actually, Gary and I were notified that we were kicked
out of the Groop by M.E. himself! 

What, you don't think this was self-imposed exile, do
ya??? That would be like The Cookie Monster switching
to broccoli, Bugs Bunny trading carrots for granola,
or Groo swearing off Cheese Dip! (hey, all of the best
running gags are Evanier-inspired anyway!!!) 

Speaking of running jokes, I heard that during the
Groo Panel SOMEONE (from the Groop???) finally
responded to Mark's lament that he should start a
running joke about Krugerands so that instead of
people giving him free mulch and cheese dip he'd start
getting free gold coins. This guy actually presented
him with a (Freddy) Krueger Hand!!! 

Who was it? That is hysterical! See what we missed, Gary?

-Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller, Mendicant Second Class

"Enjoy every sandwich." -Warren Zevon

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