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Mark Evanier mail at evanier.com
Tue Sep 9 00:03:03 PDT 2003

A couple of things...

1. We are still awaiting a release date for our next GROO mini-series.
It'll be twelve issues, each spotlighting a different member of the
Groo supporting cast.

2. No release date for the next paperback.

3. Does anyone have a list handy of everything that Sergio and I have
done for Dark Horse that was NOT either GROO, BOOGEYMAN or SPACE
CIRCUS?  I need to compile a list of the STAR WARS and other stuff we
did, including page counts.

4. As you may have read on my website, last Saturday was Sergio's
birthday.  My friend Carolyn and I drove up to Sergio's home (with my
mother in the back seat) where Sergio served a lovely paella that he
made.  There's a photo of it on Sergio's website.

5. I hereby reinstate Gary and Larry into the Groop and warn them we
have a "three strikes" provision.  Miss three Sergio/Mark panels and
you're out for good.

6. Before anyone asks: I am scheduled for absolutely no comic
conventions in the future.  Sergio's schedule is on his website.

7. The first of three issues of the SHREK comic book is coming out
next week from Dark Horse.  I wrote it but am not too thrilled with
the thing.  The company that owns the character put so many
restrictions on what we could do that I'd put someone else's name on
the comic if I could.  So don't buy it on my account.

8. That is all. 
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