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Ah, but we are connecting Sage to Mr. Bacon so that adds an extra 
degree...unless, of course, Sage appeared in Mad himself.

However, to be proper, would Sage/Groo have to appear in the same issue of 
Mad that the Bacon Lampoon appeared in or is Mad itself considered a form 
of "movie"?


At 2003/09/13 06:53, you wrote:
>GROO has appeared as a MAD Magazine marginal, and many
>Kevin Bacon flicks have been lampooned in MAD, so
>VOILA! 1 degree of separation!!!
>--- Mark Evanier <mail at evanier.com> wrote:
> > ME: People always do these the hard way.  Here's a
> > simpler way to do
> > it...
> >
> > The Sage speaks dialogue written by Mark Evanier (1)
> >
> > Mark Evanier's former writing partner was Dennis
> > Palumbo (2)
> >
> > Dennis Palumbo was a producer of the movie "White
> > Water Summer"
> > starring Kevin Bacon (3)
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