[Groop] Sage's Degree

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Wed Sep 17 22:15:11 PDT 2003

Hi Folks!

I tell folks I can't play that game and neither can anyone who has met Mark.
Mark has met Johnny Carson, Dick Clark, Jay Leno, and David Letterman. I
can't imagine who those four have not met over the past 40 odd years.  And
then if go one more degree to everyone that everyone of them has met, plus a
couple degrees from everyone Mark has worked with and met at conventions, I
think you have pretty much everyone who has been on the planet in the last
century.  So there you go: Three degrees from Mark Evanier to
ERYONE!!!   -Gary G.

> > ME: People always do these the hard way.  Here's a simpler way to do
> > it...

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