[Groop] Sorry. Went to Mars for a second there...

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Wed Sep 24 11:58:04 PDT 2003

--------------------->Connection problems apparently fixed I'm back.  

ME wrote:

> 7. The first of three issues of the SHREK comic book is coming out
> next week from Dark Horse.  I wrote it but am not too thrilled with
> the thing.  The company that owns the character put so many
> restrictions on what we could do that I'd put someone else's name on
> the comic if I could.  So don't buy it on my account.

------------------->Man, how relieved am I to hear you write that.  I got the 
first issue and said to myself "Self, What's up with this.  It says Evanier.  
Why aren't I laughing."  Oh well.  Got those two books you wrote (I think for 
Twomorrows)(what are the titles again -"Dr. Wertheim was a weenie" and 
something I cant remember ?) coming out semi-soon.  That should polish the tarnish. 
; )

?-As a writer signing on to projects what kind of opportunity to get a clue 
as to what hold on the reigns a license holder might implement do you get? Can 
ya expand? Heh!

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