[Groop] DH Card Deck Postage & Envelope

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Mon Aug 30 22:04:14 PDT 2004

Hi Folks!

First off, thanks for all of your concerns and good wishes.  It turns out my foot is not broken.  It sure acted like it was broken, but being a Groo fan I am easily fooled.  Anywho, all is well, more or less, with the foot.  (and btw, the beard is just an I'm-about-to- turn-50 thing.  It'll be gone by the end of September.  And I'm a really lousy baseball player, but I run well for an old bald guy.)  

Claire has been doing all the work on getting the decks of cards ready to go.  I've decided not to wait any longer to hear from the Disabled Services lady and just send out the decks of cards.  I figure this will ensure that I hear from the Disabled Services lady the day after the cards are sent.  (There are a couple of folks who I am also sending some other stuff.  You guys will have to wait a few more days.)  

The envelopes I'm sending the cards in cost about 50 cents.  The postage for one deck (domestic) is only 60 cents, just under 2 ounces.  It seems really silly to ask for a buck, but they do add up.  One deck sent internationally is another $1.  (Rene, don't you dare send me anything!)  A few of you asked for a couple decks and I think if you add another dollar that should cover it.  

Anywho, I'll get them sent of in the next day or two (Thanks to Claire.)  Other things should be sent off this weekend.  Sorry for the delays.  Take care all -Gary G.  
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