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Conor Geoghegan theirishtiger at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 22:32:20 PST 2004

I feel the same way, my fellow Canadian. I'm over in Calgary, Alberta, and 
the largest comic conventions we ever host consist of a couple local comix 
creators and a few Japanese anime fans.

This, despite Calgary's comic heritage:
-Todd Mcfarlane (creator of Spawn, co-founder of Image Comics) was born in 
Calgary and went to High School here
-John Byrne (involved with X-men and a ton of other Marvel comics) went to 
High School and art college in Calgary
-Dale Keown (creator of Pitt, and also a cover artist for many other comics) 
is from a town just north of Calgary

We can create the talent, we just can't appreciate it, heh heh.


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>To everyone who saw Sergio at the Comic Con recently, I am once again 
>jealous.  I have yet to see him, as I have yet to go to a Con outside on 
>the Ontario Canada region.  Im still holding out that he and/or Mark will 
>come up here soon.
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