[Groop] membership cards again

Shawn Moore uslgrad at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 07:58:31 PST 2004

Gary, if you see that your going to be short on card orderage, let me know, 
I'll go ahead and order the rest using the name anonymous groo fan and the 
numbers random or something like that and what i'll do is when someone new 
joins the group and they want one, they can send me the funds and i'll send 
them a card.  It would work out perfect as some folks don't want to be 
'official' members having their name on the card.  Once your name is on the 
card, bad things may happen to you, but if you are an 'anonymous' member, 
you may fly under the radar :)  Plus, a few years down the road, someone 
that may have missed out can still get a card, although who in their right 
mind would miss this opportunity?  Right mind?????

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