[Groop] Re: Groop Digest, Vol 12, Issue 8

tkidder at telusplanet.net tkidder at telusplanet.net
Fri Feb 6 08:50:37 PST 2004

> Heya Troy,
> I am a LOONNNGGGGG time lurker here on the groop. Like a few others, I
> too am from Edmonton. Welcome aboard.
> - Law
> PS. Can one truly be busy with university? Seems like an oxymoron.

Well, I'm starting to think that "moron" has a lot to do with it.  
There just seems to be a lot of assignments.  You'll have to know: this is 
coming from a guy that's almost 30--I'm getting slow and crotchedy (probably 
not a word) compared to a lot of these young whipper-snappers that run into me 
daily.  Most of them probably don't even know that Taranto is not really their 

Aside: I'm not a hero (ie. my chin isn't big enough).

We almost have enough people here to have a Groo fan club!  Well, maybe not a 
full-fledged fan club, but at least an interesting Groo card game or two.  My 
wife even plays it.  

"Honey, please discard the Minstrel."

> I'm not Canadian.  
> Janet "feeling left out of the thread" Harriett

You can be an "honorary" Canadian.  You can even be an "honorary" Edmontonian.  
I'm not exactly sure what that means.  If I ever decide to post to the Groop, 
I'll get back to you.  

> I'm frano-american... my ancestors are from canada.
> but I'm a bona fide mainer
> -seth-

We won't hold it against you, Seth.  

> Although I'm not from Canada, I do live in Minnesota.  Sure, I live right
> outside Minneapolis which is not really close to Canada, but I did once
> canoe into Canada through the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) and didn't
> even tell the rangers...  Of course, all we wanted to see was Silver Falls
> and then we left.  Larry's probably a bit closer to Canada than I am, but I
> could be mistaken.
> ChARRles

We won't hold it against you, ChARRles.

> So this short thread has taught us.....that the Canadian Groopers skew to 
> the left (or the west, as the case may be)
> J

They won't hold it against us, J.

> I'm not from Canada either. I've got a solid 9 hour
> drive to get to NIAGARA FALLS, Canada, so not sure if
> I'm closer than Charles or not.
> By the way, WHAT PIRATES?
> =====
> -------------------------------
> -Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller, Mendicant Second Class

However, you just MIGHT be in trouble, Larry.


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