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#100-"A Little Knowledge,"  #96-#99 "Wage of the Gods," #109, "Creature of
the Night," all the issues with Pipal Khan and all of the issues with
Chakaal!!  -Gary G.

PS  You didn't expect me to narrow it down to one, did you?   Oh yeah, and
"The Life of Groo." That's one of my favorites.  And a bunch of the early
ones.  Groo & the Monks (#15). Groo & Ambassador Gru (#22), the one where
Arba and Dakarba make a lot of Groos (#21), and then there's the one....

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> ----- Original Message ----- > All very well and good, Chad my lad, but
> this
> > Groop really needs is...
> What we really need is more Groo discussion. (I'm sure we've done this
> before)
> Favourite Groo issue.
> GC:    The one where Groo sank a ship in the desert. (well ok he made the
> desert after he sank the ship - but the thought was there that Groo could
> sink a ship even without water). Because of the neat plot and fantastic
> sergio artwork, and ME's minstrelliffic prose.
> GC
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