[Groop] Groo Game cards

SbphillipM at netscape.net SbphillipM at netscape.net
Mon Feb 23 14:25:34 PST 2004

Dear Groop,

Been a long time since my last post.
Was just wondering if anyone had the groo card game and could help me out.  I have the regular game and expansion pack (and no one to play with!!!) but i have jumbled all the cards together so it is one big game.  Does anyone have just one set and could help me checklist which cards came in the main game set and which are from the expansion?  Would be really helpful.

Also i am still a few comics shy of Groo and for the life of me cant find them anywhere.  anyone have extra copies of Groo Marvels 93, 94 99 107 109 and 120 and Image 2 and dark horse 2 and 3?

I'll be in hawaii this weekend (Dont feel too bad for me!) but hope someone can help.

-Aaron "Promises to make more frequent groo postings"

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