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Hi Folks!

Just a reminder that Mark wasn't too happy with the Shrek comic when he
wrote in Septemer:

7. The first of three issues of the SHREK comic book is coming out next week
from Dark Horse.  I wrote it but am not too thrilled with the thing.  The
company that owns the character put so many restrictions on what we could do
that I'd put someone else's name on the comic if I could.  So don't buy it
on my account.

-Gary (uh, oh. I'm starting build up posts) G.  

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Did anyone besides me read the 3 (and only 3) issues that Mark worked on?  I
thought the stories were all pretty good and along the same lines as the
movie.  Of course, the next movie is coming out this year as well...


P.S. This is my 6th post for the year, I guess I'll have to slow down if I
don't want to exceed previous years and perhaps even end up in the top 10

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