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When I played D&D, lo these many decades ago, my favorite character was Joe
the Dwarf.  Only in keeping with the quasi-medieval setting, I spelled it
Jeaux.  -Gary G.

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> --- Fred <grooless at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Anyway the other players had called their characters
> > the likes of "Shadowsun Dreamweaver" etc which
> > sounded rather spak and all, so I called my
> > character "Bob" as a contrast and piss-take. It
> > really wound them up...
> Hee hee, I have a similar story! I played in a
> D&D-style game involving superheroes called Champions,
> and I created a character named - you guessed it -
> "Bob", and it really (annoyed)* this one guy whose
> character was a vigilante called something like
> "ShadowDark". My guy had no secret ID, he was just a
> regular guy, no costume, but happened to have amazing
> powers and casually did good things, but he was just
> Bob, and you could look him up in the phone book.
> I mean it really really bugged this guy and he said I
> COULDN'T have a superhero called just Bob, it was lazy
> and unoriginal. To me it was a character hook, a way
> to role-play a unique personality in the game, and be
> more low-key than usual.
> I said "Oh yeah, like your "One-From Column-A" and
> One-From-Column-B" name is so original! Just let it go
> and let's have fun.
> I only played Bob that one night, because I decided
> that gaming group was a bunch of drips.
> *I started typing something to make Eric blush and
> decided to be good!
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