[Groop] Groop T-shirts

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Sat Jan 10 18:57:51 PST 2004

If enough people are interested I can do it again.  They might be slightly
different, but hopefully Nate can remember what comic font he gave me to use
(It was done a couple of computer crashes ago.) and I have a shirt to use as
a model for letter size and such.  We will have to wait until the card
project is completed at the least.

However, J, if you want to start taking orders from folks so you can present
me with a list of how many and what size down the line, that would be good.
At least I'd have an idea of how many we want.   Also, last time there was a
some small variety: "Did I Err?" on the front/ groop at groo.com on the back,
those phrases reversed front & back, "Did I Err?" on the front, nothing on
the back, etc.

I think this time we just go with one design,  Either "Did I Err?" on the
front/ groop at groo.com on the back, or just "Did I Err?" on the front with
nothing on the back.

But this will all be a little bit down the road and only if enough folks are
interested.  btw, last time the shirts cost $12 I think.  They might be a
little more this time, maybe $15.

-Gary G.

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> Any chance of us producing a new set of Groop T-shirts for all the newbies
> who werent around for the original Orange Classic?  It seems like there is
> quite the damand (for all, old and young).
> J
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