[Groop] All this talk about bringing back items from the pastmademe remember.....

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
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The "company," such as it was, was an aspiring comic book artist and his
wife who lived in Ojai.  He worked at a textile/embroidery business, so he
had connections to getting the high quality work done overseas.  Everything
was in their garage and after the first round of sales all inventory was
turned over to Sergio and has long since sold at conventions.  Last year a
friend who had helped them found a small stash of the items and sold them on
ebay, but that's about it.  Steve and his wife have moved half-way across
the country.

So, bottom line, a number of happy coincidences brought it all together and
it almost certainly won't happen again.  Poop!  -Gary G.

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> I talked to Sergio/Mark about this at the SDCC 2000, the original line of
> merchandising (leap in here Mark if required to give actual facts  :o)
> of excellent quality and the embroidery was layered to give a 3D effect to
> the images.
> The company that did them is either out of business or can no longer do
> at the same cheap(ish) rates so it is uneconomical to produce them with
> embroidery of a standard that Sergio approved of.
> Or something like that . . . .
> Sergio's artwork is legendary and I appreciate his concerns for quality
> which thus preserve Groo from the fates of tackiness !!!
> GC
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> From: "Shawn Moore" <uslgrad at hotmail.com>
> > Ya know, I love my rufferto shirt and am still killing myself for not
> > ordering more than one of them.  One of these days, i'd love to see
> another
> > line of groo merchandise on hats and shirts like in the past.  I know
> > there's gotta be a way to get a few made.  I know now that office depot
> now
> > makes shirts and other clothing with logos on them, I wonder if there
> would
> > be a way to bring back to life these classic gems.  I think you can get
> good
> > quality like in the past.  I know I'm dreaming, but though I would throw
> > this out there and see if some magic occurs :)
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