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Magnus Lindgren magnus at netrosys.com
Tue Jan 13 06:18:30 PST 2004

Hi all!

Long time no write! Some may remember me, I was quite avid writer to this
list a couple of years ago! I signed back on a couple of months ago but have
been lurking since then.

Anyway, when I read about the membership card I just had to break the
silence! Sign me up Gary!! And I do hope you ship internationally! ;-)

/Magnus aka Not-Top-Poster-2003

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Ämne: [Groop] Membership Cards, Etc.

Hi Folks!

In an effort to NOT pad my numbers here are a few things:

The cards are going well.  I've kind of been working with stone age
technology, which is my speed, but as soon as I figure out Photoshop 7.0 or
one of my kids has time to show me, I will do the design up real spiffy like
and show you all, with maybe one or two alternatives (all involving color
and a higher cost.) But the people who have seen my rough draft (much of it
stolen from Larry) like it so far.  Unfortunately, I must work (blah!) and
so cannot devote the time I'd like to.

Almost 40 folks have signed up for a card and some have asked for more than
one so we are at a little over 40 cards.  Some rather prominent Groopies
(Eric!) have not signed on yet.  I'm hoping for closer to 100.  The more who
sign up, the cheaper they are.

OK, other stuff:

The Dec.-Jan. issue of Nickelodeon is supposed to stay on the stands until
the 20th, so I guess we'll have to wait until then to see if that's who
Sergio was doing a "Fairly Oddparents" cartoon for when Carlos saw him in

From: Shawn Moore:

> mousepad? gimme gimme gimme, I need I need I need

Sorry Shawn, no can do.  Nate & Ruben did that one (I had nothing to do with
it) back in 1998, I think.  They got extra special permission from Mark &
Sergio to use the cover art from Epic #6 & # 57 to make mouse pads.  A lot
of us bought two sets, in my case one to use at work & home and a set to
keep pristine for show.  To all Groopie's credit, not a one has ever showed
up on ebay!

Groosagi wrote:

> IS the question what number is our Groo Cheesedip statue?
> If so mine is number roman numeral I.  I don't know if that also means #1,
but I
> have no other explanation.

This has come up before and I think the conclusion/wild guess is that maybe
Groosagi got a proof, or something cool like that, that came back for
approval before the 750 were done.  Just a guess.  If it were my statue, I'd
be calling Graphitti Designs at 1-800-699-0115 to try to find out! (and then
report back to the Groop. Hint, hint.)

And finally,
Lucky Cat wrote:

> purchased one of those posters of Sergio that David Baker was selling...
>I was wondering if you were going to add that to the groo list..  err...
hmmm.. maybe not.. > there's no Groo in it... *sigh*

Well, there almost certainly is a microscopic Groo in some of the teeny
photos. (I haven't taken the time to look yet.  It's still in a tube.) Let's
see.  Here's my official Groo List Rule:

Things I Count:

-Any publication that has an Original Groo Drawing,
-Photographs of Original Art Work not available to the public.
-Any publication with a Sergio Groo on the cover, even if the drawing isn't
original or is a "preprint."

Things I Don't Count:

-Panel & Cover pre/reprints in preview mags, encyclopedias, ads, etc.
-Photographs of Mass Market Art Work
-Reprints of mere appearances
-Groo Drawn by Others

Well, the only representations of Groo I can think of in Sergio's studio
that were more or less displayed and in camera view were little statues by
others and various Groo comics.  So at this point the Sergio photo-portrait
is not a Groo List Item.  BUT, it sure is cool as all get out and will be
out of the tube and properly framed and on my wall soon!!!

Now that I've put you all to sleep, I'll sign off.  Take care -Gary G.

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