[Groop] Post Paddings/New Years Resolutions

Charles L. Klein CKlein at mn.rr.com
Tue Jan 13 20:22:55 PST 2004

<on soapbox> Since I'm the one who, for detail oriented reasons, tallies the
posts at the end of the year I can tell you that post paddings are not a
problem.  Like most resolutions people tend to do a fairly good job in
January, but by the middle to end of February they are back at where they
started.  Take the gym for example.  The one I go to is very crowded right
now but I'm sure by the middle to end of February it will get back to the
usual amount of people - the same people who've been going for a while.  I
think it's silly that people have to use January 1 as a time to make a
resolution - you have to make a resolution when you really mean to make it
and keep it. </off soapbox>

<on topic> Back on topic, I still think the cards will be cool, and I've
already let Gary know that I want 100 of them... or just one.  After that
ship sinks (unless Rufferto is on it), if there is a new design for the
Groop T-Shirt I'd probably get 2 more as well.

Oh, "Hi" to Magnus as I haven't seen your ramblings in a while either. </off

<ramble on and on and on> Okay, that's all I have to ramble about at this
time. </rambo>


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