[Groop] RE: Group shirts

bj bjtrapp at sasktel.net
Wed Jan 14 21:53:25 PST 2004

Hmmm, Strange.
Gary makes a simple mistake  with a 10 foot pole, and he hears about it 
from half the groop, while Shawn and Dougie McCoy both have Groo off  
freying without a license and there is complete silence.
Fray -n, fight , brawl
Frey n, God of fertility and crops and  of peace and prosperity in Norse 

You just gotta admit that Freying is sorta non Grooish.


Shawn Moore wrote:

> Also, there was a bogus mousepad on ebay a few years back that was 
> pulled after a few days, I believe Mark sent ebay a little email and 
> it disappeared.  It looked like someone copied a page off of one of 
> the comics, groo was on a horse freying  :)

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