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Mark Evanier mail at evanier.com
Thu Jan 15 19:20:02 PST 2004

Hi, gang.  Here's a bunch of topics...

1. Sergio will be a guest at the Wondercon in San Francisco at the end
of April.  I've been asked to be there and am trying to work out a
possible scheduling conflict.  If I'm there (which looks likely),
we'll do a Groo Panel and also play the Quick Draw game that we do at
San Diego every year.  I don't yet know if Stan Sakai or Tom Luth will
be there.

2. Believe it or not, we're already working out the schedule of panels
for the next Comic-Con International in San Diego.  I'll be doing my
usual dozen panels, one of which will be the annual Sergio-Mark panel.
We'll figure out which day it will be, just as soon as I know which
day will cause Gary to miss it.

3. The cup on eBay is real.  Sergio would rather not discuss it.  It's
a long ago matter.

4. I know I said this before but we're close to announcing the next
GROO mini-series, which will be twelve issues in length.  Stay tuned.

5. Visit the POGO website at www.pogopossum.com.

6. The next collection of my columns, illustrated by S.A., is called
SUPERHEROES IN MY PANTS.  It comes out in May.  In June, we will be
releasing the first volume in a series of reprints of my comic book,
The DNAgents, followed by a reprint series of CROSSFIRE which will
start shortly after.

That is all.
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