[Groop] Carnival tpb

Mike Slaubaugh slaubau at ipfw.edu
Thu Jan 15 21:47:00 PST 2004

I have an extra copy of Groo Carnival (and Groo Bazaar, if someone needs

Mike S. 

>>> "Shawn Moore" <uslgrad at hotmail.com> 01/15/04 10:53 PM >>>
i was in shock to find groo festival on ebay and for a buy it now price
$8 and $2 shipping, and since i've been looking for it for a year now,
always get outbid for about $30, i jumped on it.  Now, I only need Groo 
Carnival TPB.  If anybody in the world has it and is willing to part
it, please please please let me know.  I'm begging you.  For the love of

Groo, I beg you.  Thanks for listening.

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