[Groop] eBay seller warning

C Haxton promethea at kc.rr.com
Tue Jan 20 14:07:51 PST 2004

just a note of caution: 
re: ebay seller "Capp2000" 
the guy is selling some Sergio items, including a sketch that closes in a few days.  
It's horribly overpriced, of course, but I have tried to deal with this guy on two prior sales, [including that very item - winning bid about $15] 

My opinion that the guy is a complete flake; I've sold and bought [OK mostly bought] thousands of items on eBay and parallel to it, and I've never run across someone so difficult to deal with, and finally so full of un-/mis- directed anger [amongst other things.... ;) ]

If you choose to deal with him anyway, best of luck. Document everything.

email if you want details/documentation   
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