[Groop] Groo... What pirates? (File Sharing)

Grossmann, Gary GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Wed Jan 28 17:08:36 PST 2004

Hi Alexandre!

You make very good points and I do not disagree with you.  All I'm saying is
that if Mark & Sergio disagree with you, they should be able to tell an
Internet file sharer that he cannot do that.  If that ultimately costs them
sales, they made a bad choice.  But it was their choice.  -Gary G. 

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 Well, groo stuff is quite rare around here (in brazil), so I have always
shared my groo stuff with my friends. But that did not stop them from buying
those issues ass soon as they found them, actually, had I not shared my
stuff, they'd have never bought any groo at all!

 So I believe sharing comics to be a good thing.

 More generally, in my experience, people do go and acctually buy the stuff
after they've seen/heard/read it, if they liked it.  If they don't, is
because they don't have money (and wouldn't be buying anyway), or because
it's BAD stuff in their opinion.  In fact, thank's to internet sharing I
have bought MUCH LESS BAD STUFF.  And since I still can't make my savings,
all the money I was spending on bad stuff must have made it's way to good
stuff.  Which is essentially good after all.

 I think filesharing has a much harder effect on bad music, bad movies and
bad comics than on the good ones.  Actually I sense the opposite, a good
effect, when it comes to good media.


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