[Groop] Groo... What pirates? (File Sharing)

Greg Craill grooless at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 13:10:47 PST 2004

Simply put the argument "I saw it online and decided to buy it" doesn't wash, that is saying that the end justifies the means, and you don't wanna go there . . . . . 

Sergio and Mark have worked hard enough over the years producing Groo among other things, and Mark still hasn't been paid, what's more the USDollar is falling against the Kopin so it looks unlikely he will ever be. So you think he wants to see it on the net for free ! Like rubbing salt into the wound man !

Seriously - It's dead simple, Groo (like all other published owned material) says at the start of the comic/book something like "the reproduction of this material in any way is prohibited". That's it, end of story, case closed, no arguments - don't do it !

Nuf Zed !

I support Sergio, Mark, Tom, Stan etc on this all the way - Buy it - don't pirate it !
GC (Groo Crusader)

I hope Mark and Sergio can convince these pirates to shut down.
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  My two cents on the pdf sharing:

   I get the distinct impression that the ranks of "I saw it first through a file share and now I buy every (CD, Comic book, DVD, novel) by that person" are far outnumbered by the ranks of "If I can get it by file sharing, why the heck should I shell out actual cash for it?". 
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