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GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV writes:
Recording something from your TV for your personal enjoyment to be watched at 
a time convenient for you is not, as I understand things, a violation of 
copyright law.  
If it were, I would probably have someone kicking my door down and 
confiscating my TiVo.  Then I would have to throw myself to the seals.

This is so far off topic that the only way to get it back on is to play "six 
degrees of separation":
1.  Is recording a TV show for your later personal viewing a copyright 
2.  One of the ways to record shows for later personal viewing is with a TiVo.
3.  ME often extols the virtues of TiVo on newsfromme.com, and also wrote 
many episodes of Garfield and Friends, which I have recorded from my Tivo onto 
tapes for later enjoyment.
4.  ME also writes Groo.
5.  Groo is ostensibly the topic of this list.

Well, there you go.  It only took 5 steps.  I guess we weren't as off topic 
as I thought.


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