[Groop] Sharing Fraud

EUGENE PHILLIP ephillip at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 30 07:45:07 PST 2004

  After finding my inbox filed with 60 Groop messages this morning, I just
had to ad my 2 Kopens!

  As a "customer", and not in the "intellectual property" business, I think
the basic arguments apply to printed words, art, video, audio, and data.
That stated, I'm tired of paying for the same material in different formats,
with some aspect "newly enhanced".  I've paid for Elvis's Number Ones on
33RPM, 8-track, cassette, CD, and on video Beta, VHS, and DVD.  At what
point in my life can I listen to Elvis's intellectual property in my car
without some distant Elvis-cousin expecting a royalty?
  The "intellectual property" industry doesn't give a hoot for the "artist"
as history has shown with Motown stars, or mass reproduction of "It's a Good
Life" at Christmas.  This same industry used to pay disc jockeys under the
table to play selected music on the radio (Payola).  Now they are suing
"customers" who get a free sample on the Internet.  The industry only cares
about sucking the most profit from customers using artist's (dead or alive)
  Of course, as the Simpson's are rerun endlessly in syndication, the DVDs
are also selling for $40 a season in the stores.  Next year they will be
offered in HiDef on blue laser DVDs for $80 a season (prediction).  I guess
"customers" are ripe for plucking.
  Again, as a customer, I am irritated equally by billboards, radio & TV
commercials, junk mail, Spam, telemarketers, and advertisements in MAD.
Also, peer pressure, due to induced self-esteem issues.  All of this is
designed to push customers into buying something that doesn't have enough
inherent value to sell without promotion (Britney Spears).  It's the
industry "execs" that should be sued, jailed or controlled.  In RAP markets
they're being shot.
  OK, that's my posting for 2004.

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