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Eric Chun ericchun at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 22:09:15 PDT 2004

>Eric wrote:
>>The highlight of GrooFest is The Sergio and Mark Show,
>>a panel discussion featuring fun tales by the whole Groo Crew. Trust me,
>>this is an event, ummm, not to be, errr, not to be missed.

Gary wrote:
>Hey!  Just what is that supposed to mean?

Actually, Larry wrote that on his blog site.  The link to his blog site
was included below.

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 > >GROOFEST??? as in Groo the Wanderer? When and Where???
 > http://mrgrooism.diaryland.com/TheGroop.html
 > We've been meeting every year since 2000 at our annual GrooFest, which
 > others sometimes refer to as the San Diego Comic Con International. Trust
 > me, it's really GrooFest! Sergio Aragones' Mark Evanier, Stan Sakai, Tom
 > Luth, and Gordon Kent all attend and make Groop members feel especially
 > warm and welcome! >
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