[Groop] the virus grooed......

Azamin azamin7 at streamyx.com
Mon Mar 1 19:34:34 PST 2004

The virus grooed... hahaha

This mail i got from my school alumni mailing list
(syedputra-com at yahoogroups.com) was sent by a computer infected  by the
virus which make it look like it was sent by another school alumni
mailing list (smtsp at yahoogroups.com) . (surely one of the member PC is
infected by the virus).  The virus scramble the address in the person's
address book as usual and the result is, it saying the
smtsp at yahoogroups.com (school alumni mailing list) as  a Taiwanese girl
studying in New Jersey who want to makes friends with people from
different places...  The virus grooed.... hahahaha

           [syedputra-com] Sara
           Tue, 02 Mar 2004 11:11:00 -0800
           smtsp at yahoogroups.com
           syedputra-com at yahoogroups.com
           syedputra-com at yahoogroups.com

I am from Taiwan but I study in Camden, New Jersey now. I like to know
people from different
places .

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