[Groop] Groo Stuff (Part 6)

Eric Chun ericchun at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 23:18:27 PST 2004


Interesting Groo stuff on Groo Stuff.  Groo Stuff is a web
page about Groo stuff.  Some of the Groo Stuff Groo
stuff are highly collectible, like the Groo sketch card.  But,
there's also a Groo license plate, not Gary's, unless Gary
moved to Louisiana and owns a Honda.  Plus, someone
copied Ruben and made a Groo costume.  Won $200 (or
is that 200 kopins?) with the costume.

There's also an article on Sergio's untimely death.  Sergio
drew a drawing of his grave.  I don't know who the actor
is that impersonates Sergio at comic cons, but he's pretty
good.  Almost had me fooled.

See you.


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