[Groop] RE: Groop groo stuff louisiana license plate

Jason Roberts cowmageddon at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 5 13:34:24 PST 2004

I was wondering if Ohio had Groo availible for a
license plate. But I was warned to stay away from that
due to my location near Lake Erie and other
Clevelanders don't want the Cuyahoga River to catch
fire ever again. Once was enough.
--- Pengyfelix at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 3/5/2004 12:18:31 AM Eastern
> Standard Time, 
> uslgrad at hotmail.com writes:
> Only problem is I need a new vehicle to put it on as
> my honda kinda floated 
> down the mississippi during the flood a few years
> back.
> Put Groo on a vehicle near water, and strange things
> happen.  Unless Rufferto 
> is also on board.
> Janet
> http://janetharriett.blogspot.com
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