[Groop] From Larry

Dieter Opfer dopfer at csu.edu.au
Sun Mar 14 01:51:13 PST 2004

This is just one of the many reasons that I love the Groop!

Heartfelt sympathies from downunder.

Dieter :)#

Gary Grossmann wrote:

>Hi Folks!
>Larry gave me a call last night.  He has not had computer access for the
>last few days and won't for a few more.  So he asked me to extend on his
>behalf all of his concerns and prayers to all the people of Spain who were
>touched by the terrorist attack.  And especially to Rene, Dani, Nacho, and
>any other Spanish Groopies and their families a friends. Larry told me how
>much he appreciated the outpouring of concern he received after the 9/11
>attacks and he wanted to be sure to show the same kind of support for e-mail
>compadres.   -Gary G.
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