[Groop] E-mail account disabling warning. VIRUS

Josh 'Wet Exit' Jones josh at newdream.net
Sun Mar 21 17:04:34 PST 2004

Oi, sorry about this guys!

> - It *is* troubling to see the ease with which they 'sniffed' our emails
> from the list []or did they get into the list servers...?]

I'm not sure how it got through.. the groo list only allows posting from
members. I guess maybe even though "noreply at groo.com" isn't a member, the
mailing list software actually saw whoever it was that was infected
somewhere in the email and allowed it through.

> - I hope there is a way to cut/garble all emails in the openly-available
> archives; I was frankly wondering why we didn't get a lot more spam and this
> kind of gunk through that open door....

Don't worry too much about the archives.. they are only available for
subscribed members, so auto spam-harvesting robots can't get in.


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