[Groop] GROO NEWS from me

Mark Evanier mail at evanier.com
Thu Mar 25 20:32:45 PST 2004

Well, I'd hoped to be able to announce the next GROO books by now but
things still aren't set.

Sergio and I will be guests at the WonderCon in San Francisco April 29
through May 2.  Details are at this website...


I'll be hosting a measly four panels there.  On Friday, there will be
a Sergio/Mark panel in the afternoon followed by a panel with me and
my friend Paul Dini telling stories about our adventures in the TV and
comics businesses.

Late on Saturday afternoon, we'll have a round of the Quick Draw game
that most of you have seen in San Diego.  With Sergio among the
players, of course.

And on Sunday afternoon, I'll be hosting a tribute to Julius Schwartz.

I'll be announcing more specific times shortly on my website.  Hope to
see some members of the Groop there.

By the way: We will also be playing Quick Draw at the San Diego Con in
July and I'm currently lining up the cartoonists who'll be playing.
Some time ago, I asked Sergio which currently-active cartoonist he
would most "fear" as an opponent in a contest of fast cartooning.  He
told me the name...and this person has tentatively agreed to be in San
Diego and compete against him.  So it'll be a battle to the death and
you'll want to be there.
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