[Groop] RE: Hardly No one read the subject anyway

Eric Chun ericchun at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 11:38:05 PST 2004

>I think it would be a great idea, (though it would be picture intnsive),
>if someone were to put Gary's Official Unofficial Groo List up on the web,
>with each item linked to a picture of that item.  Obviously the individual
>Marvel/Epic isssues need not be done and other common issues.  But
>the rare and hard-to-find stuff would be very cool to see.

Problem is that it is too much work for 1 or 2 persons to scan and then
post on the web.  Plus, only a few people (or maybe only Gary and Shane)
have the rare items.

Web space is not a problem, since multiple free web sites could be linked

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