[Groop] Groop Membership Cards!!!!!

Börje Karlsson tellarin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 10:14:43 PST 2004

Way to go Gray!
I for sure **need** one. :)

[]'s Börje...

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:17:26 -0700, Gary Grossmann <grossfam at olywa.net> wrote:
> Hi Folks! 
> (Trumpet flourish) 
> OK, at long last here is a proposed Groop Membership Card.  Take a look. 
> (This is the first time I have seem them since I sent the "draft" to the
> card maker.)  I took a lot of Larry's ideas and ran with them.  
> The letters and numbers that are in that sort of weird green will be
> embossed, just like on a credit card.  They will not be that color or any
> color.  You will be able to read them because they are embossed, just like
> on a credit card.    
> The font for those letters and numbers cannot be changed.  
> Obviously the name, number, and year will be different on each card.  My
> intention is to keep the "number" the same except for the last 4 digits
> which will start with 0001 and just go up from there.  But frankly I am a
> little disappointed that the letters are lower case.  I don't like the small
> G.  It's obvious what the SA ME 1982 stand for.  I am certainly open to
> other ideas. 
> As for the other stuff, that could all be changed , but I warn you that I
> will resist.  I like the block letters announcing what it is, but maybe
> something fancier would be nice.  The "Did I Err?"  is using one of Nate's
> fonts, as is the "You take me for the fool I am." (That could be a little
> bigger, but probably mostly because of my 50 year old eyes)  And the back
> has THE Groop related cartoon and everyone's favorite definition (in very
> tiny letters, but, hey, what are you going to do?). 
> Let's see.  What am I forgetting?  Ah yes, the cost!  Well, there is a
> minimum of 200 cards that must be made.  The cost of 200 cards is $458.00. 
> If 100 of us actually order them, it will be $4.58 per person.  The more we
> order, the lower the cost per person.  
> So there you have it.  Please send me feedback!!!  Suggestions, questions,
> comments on the card and how they have it written up.  (I know nothing about
> such things.)  Anything.  
> Look forward to hearing from you all. 
> Take care -Gary G.

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