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Grossmann, Gary GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Tue Nov 2 14:53:33 PST 2004

Hi Folks!

Here are the answers to the various concerns/questions that have been
brought up:


The typos in the definition of mulch will be corrected.  I'm changing Mark's
punctuation ever so slightly, but other than that it will be exactly as he
printed it a zillion times in Groo Grams.

Someone said something about the back drawing not matching the back text.
Well you see it's like this:  Way back when Larry first started this and was
taking a poll of the Groop, having the definition of mulch was an
overwhelming choice.  Another "must" component was the
Groo-climbing-out-of-the-computer drawing that appeared in Image Groo #8
Groo Grams announcing the existence of the Groop to the world.  Both the
definition and the drawing would have to be too small to fit on the front.
So they are both on the back.  

We can't have different definitions on different cards.  The only things
that can be different are the member's name, number, and the year they
became a member, i.e. the embossed stuff.  

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to have them put the SA ME together so
its GROO SAME 1982 0001, just to tidy things up a bit.  It's too bad their
initials actually spell a word, but we will all know it stands for Sergio
Aragones and Mark Evanier.  Not enough room for Stan, Tom & Gordon. 

Yeah, the front is a little wordy, but I decided I liked it better with the
two Groo quotes than without one or the other.  


It turns out the font of the "number" (GROO SAME 1982 0001) will NOT be as
presented in the proof.  All of the letters will be caps.  So the "G" will
be a "G" and not a "g."

As to the font for the "OFFICIAL GROOP MEMBERSHIP CARD," maybe we could use
the Boston Red Sox font. (Just kidding, Larry) 


The Orange in the proof is not the orange the card will be.  The standard
orange is 021C (or is it O21C?  I forget.)  Those of you who know about such
things please tell us if that is a good orange.  If we want a different mix,
it will cost $20 more (total), so that's no big deal.  


It's completely up to you what year you want to use.  If you've been on and
off and want to use your original year, it's fine with me.  If you can't
remember, take a guess.  All I ask is that you use what you believe is the
actual year and don't request something like 1823.  


I really liked Larry's idea of the first part of the number being the same
for everyone and only the last 4 digits being different.  Those digits do
not have to be sequential.  So you can choose any four numbers you want.  I
believe Chris (Glorko) was the first to request 42 so his number can be
0042.  There cannot be any decimals, so if you really wanted pi, 3417 would
be as close as you could get.  

At least one person wanted three cards for themselves.  I guess you can get
three with the same number, but if you want three different numbers, that
will be OK too.  


The signature strip idea was a no go.   My suggestion is that we give them a
random number and then where the name goes put something like "GROOP MEMBER
#6789"  repeating the randon four digits from above.  What do you think?  I
am very open to other ideas.     


The Groo Crew cards are covered.  


I think there will be at least 100 cards ordered, maybe more since some
folks have already indicated they want multiple copies for themselves or
friends and family.  It didn't take much to find homes for 90 or so decks of
those Dark Horse cards.  So I think $7.00 per card for everyone will be more
than sufficient and we can certainly donate any extra to the CBLDF.  Mailing
a card is pretty cheap, even internationally, so I don't think we need to
add extra for International Groopies.  

As for the benefits of the card, I think Shawn had it right: Sinking ships,
burning down villages, and generally being ostracized by your family.  

1.  I will fix the typos.
2.  If anyone has any font suggestions, speak now.
3.  We need to finalize the shade of Orange.  Can someone direct us to a
site or place where we can see 021C and its relatives?  
4.  We need to finalize what we are going to do with the blanks.
5. Please start placing your orders for real.  I need: 
	a. How you want your name embossed.  It looks like there is room for
only a few more digits than are in GARY "DESSESBO" GROSSMANN, so keep that
in mind.  
	b. The four digit number you want.  (Chris has dibs on 0042 and
0001-0010 are spoken for.) 
	c. The year you became a member.    
6. Send Money.  $7.00 per card.  My paypal account is my e-mail address.
And my address is 8916 Blomberg Street SW, Olympia, WA, 98512.  We need only
half the cost to place the order, but I'm not going to place it, or cash
anyone's check, until we have enough to cover the whole cost of the cards.
(That way if this bombs out for some reason it will be easy to return
everyone's funds.)  HOWEVER,
I'm a little fuzzy about how paypal works.  Last time with the Dark Horse
cards, paypal took a chunk out of the funds you all sent through them.  Is
there anyway to avoid that?  

So there you go.  

Take care all -Gary G.  


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