[Groop] helping Gary avoid the PayPal fee

Kevin Hall kevinqhall at netscape.net
Thu Nov 4 21:25:07 PST 2004

I have a "personal" account, and as someone mentioned, I don't have to 
lose a percentage to the evil empire at PayPal. However, I can't take 
credit card payments, only payments directly from other PayPal accounts. 
Gary has the "premier" account, which allows him to take credit card 
payments, but they also take a percentage of ALL payments he receives 
(even non-credit card payments).

So, here's the deal: if you're sending money to Gary via PayPal for the 
membership cards, send it to me at  KevinQHall at netscape.net
If you need to send the money using a credit card, be nice and include 
an extra 25 cents to help defray (no, I did not say "the fray") the 
extra fee for Gary.


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