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C Haxton promethea at kc.rr.com
Fri Nov 12 17:10:57 PST 2004

Well, just not *too* loud - after all you want to save enough hearing to be 
able to hear all those Con panel discussions in years to come....

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> Claire,
> Go ahead and listen to the loud music. Just don't drive fast.
> Chris
> on 11/10/04 1:54 AM, Eric Chun at ericchun at hotmail.com wrote:
>>> who drives fast and listens to loud music!
>> claire, don't do that -- we want you around for a long time.
>>> my class coincidently won and decided that we were NOT
>>> going to fork over money to pay for OUR OWN reward.  I
>>> don't blame them... buying a donut for yourself and getting
>>> a free donut is very different!  Oh well.  *little tear*
>> don't worry.  we'll buy you a donut at next year's comic con.
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