[Groop] Groop Membership Cards

John T Comics230 at cox.net
Sun Nov 21 06:34:29 PST 2004

I just sent my payment my membership cards. I still don't know what Gary decided on the final price of the cards, so I sent $16 for two cards. However, as I was typing, I was wondering. Have we ever consider formalizing The Groop into say "The Official Fan Club of Groo"? As one who most likely wouldn't do all the work, I was just asking.

John "Pot Stirrer" Torregrossa

P.S. As Thanksgiving comes on us in the US, I suggest we look around to see what we all have. Many local food pantries/bank are looking for extra donations, both cash and items, this time of year. If possible, try to help out. Everytime I go shopping, I try to pick up one or two items to donate. I don't even notice it in my total. Also, just because it's a food bank doesn't mean you have to stick to food. People need toiletries and other houshold goods, too.
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