[Groop] Mid-Ohio Con Report

George Karalias george at karalias.com
Tue Nov 30 10:10:53 PST 2004

I've got my cousin Debbie working on this. She lives just outside of 
Athens. She's had no luck so far, but has told me she's not giving up. 
I'll keep you posted...

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hey Janet, Ellie & Sean!
> Great reports!  Thanks!  Was Sergio working on anything for mass 
> market publication while he was at the Con that you could see? 
> -Gary G. 
> PS  btw, No Larry, I haven't already tracked down the Greek Groos.  I 
> did figure out what issues of Komix they were in, which adventures of 
> Groo are in them, the publisher's address, telephone number and 
> e-mail, along with a few leads, but I haven't actually found the 
> magazines yet.  It would help if I spoke or read Greek. 
> Of course, I may have a little "inside" help from George "My Mom makes 
> the best Baklava in the World" Karalias, who happens to have a few 
> Greek cousins. 
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